Cake pulls are an old tradition dating back to the Victoria Era and are a great way to add some fun to your special occasion.

Cake pulls are tied with a satin ribbon and then are placed safely under your cake with the ribbons flowing out from under your cake. Your maid of honour and bridesmaids can then each choose a ribbon and pull out their chosen charm which comes with a message for the year ahead. 

They are fun and beautiful keepsakes that your bridesmaids can then tie to their purse or handbag as a memory of your special day

They can also be adapted for little girls birthday parties so that each of your little girls friends can recieve a small keepsake.

Charms come in 925 sterling silver or lead free silver coloured metal. 



Cake Pulls

Sample of messages that  accompany  some of the charms

Eifel tower: You will visit many wonderful places.

Four leaf clover: You will be lucky in life.

Anchor: You shall have a life of stability.

Heart: You will be next to find true love.

Elephant: you will live a life filled with intelligence and strength

Wishing well: A wish will come true for you.

Star: May all your wishes come true

Knights head: May your knight in shining armour find you

Wine bottle. Your glass will be always half full.

Flower: Love will bloom

Music note: Your life will be filled with beautiful songs

Forever friends ring: May you always be surrounded with special friends.

Key: Many doors of luck will open for you

Please note the images shown are subject to availability and charm style differs between metal type. Please enquire to find out what style is available at the present time. Thank you.

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Wishing well

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